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Crypto Investors Club is a  private group of cryptocurrency investors. 

One of the main purposes of this group is to work as a community to find the cryptocurrencies that have a high probability of extremely high investment returns.  

We have already suggested buying Cardano (ADA) from $0.025, it is now $0.5 - Over a 2000% ROI 

We have also suggested Verge which has risen 4000% since the recommendation.



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  • Private Facebook Group

    A private group where cryptocurrency investors share advice and guidance about investing in cryptocurrencies

  • Coin of the week

    Every week the club promotes a coin that has a great potential investment return

    Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how you're learning is progressing!

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    Lifetime access to my entire portfolio, you can copy my movements if you please but this is at your own risk. I have 10x my original investment and I plan to at least 10x my portfolio in 2018.

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Founder of

Devin Milsom

I have a deep passion for investing and technology, and I believe blockchain will revolutionize the global economy. After purchasing my first cryptocurrency  I began spending hours each day investing my time into researching about Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies,  and I thoroughly enjoy writing posts about my research.  The market is flooded with scammers and hackers, and after receiving many emails from readers of my blog I decided to create a course to help educate investors how to safely and profitably invest in cryptocurrencies. My goal is to create a community of like minded investors where we can all share thoughts and investment recommendations about cryptocurrencies.

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